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#79: The First Year of Educator Escape (Part 2)

On today’s show were are going over the second half of our best episodes, bringing us right up to date. On this episode you will find snippets from my conversations with Journalism teacher and Indy Fuel play by play announcer Andrew Smith, Co-teachers Natalie Barge and Ashley Haar, Ryan Lacson and Andrew Vanbebber about teaching in a school with a four day school week, Teacher and columnist Jody Stallings, 2019 Missouri Teacher of the Year Shelly Parks, and most recently ELL teacher Amy Metz.

Intro: (0:00-3:51) 
Andrew Smith: (3:51-10:18)
Ashley Haar and Natalie Barge: (10:18-16:26)
Andrew VanBebber: (16:26-21:30)
Jody Stallings: (21:30-26:48)
Shelly Parks: (26:48-31:30)
Amy Metz: (31:30-36:31)
Close: (36:31-38:15)

If you are first time listener, I hope these second of the two episodes will give you a good taste of what the podcast is like and keep you coming back every week. If you listen all the time, I please ask that you share this episode with your friends to spread the message.