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Live it Well

I was out recently with a friend (Yes, I have friends for those of you snickering out there) who told me that he is writing a blog about the Billboard Top 200 albums of all time. He would listen to them over and over again, analyze them, and then present his analysis for the world to consume. I have to admit, I would struggle with listening to each of these albums. It covers every genre known to me and not known to me because I am an uncultured pearl just waiting to break out of its oyster. And because I am such an introvert, I will probably always remain uncultured.

But he is working his way through and said he is getting less and less frequent with his blog posts. When I asked him why, he said, “Life just keeps getting in the way.” I can understand that. I would probably have said I stopped because of Christina Aguilera’s first album (since we are going from the bottom to the top, it would be the second one that I would encounter). Now, not to throw shade at Christina, she has a killer voice, but that means that I would need to listen to girly pop music for 46 minutes and 27 seconds, which is about 46 minutes of listening to girly pop music more than I am capable of. Good thing I’m not her target demographic…

Now I also want everybody to understand that this is isn’t a knock on my friend and his endeavor or the fact that he has slowed down in his pursuit. It is sort of just an eye-opener for me. Sometimes we have the best intentions to complete a task and then life happens.

This week on Facebook I asked people to let me know what band or artist they still listen to, 10 to 15 years after they started listening to them. (Which might be the only reason they have read this far in the blog, to see if I mention them by name, to tell the world of their deep and dark secrets that they told the world on Facebook already). I got some interesting ones, five of which I didn’t know. Some from my youth (Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, Backstreet Boys, Ben Folds, Newsboys) and some from what Rachael and I debate over is the “Classic Rock” era (AC/DC, Tom Petty, Grateful Dead, The Beatles (who I unpopularly think were overrated, but to each their own), Def Leppard). But I was surprised to find that one of the answers that were most liked was “Jimmy Eat World”, whom I would’ve never heard of if it weren’t for Guitar Hero…Cue the “WHAT?!?!” and “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!” commentary… It was just never on my radar.

One band that has always been on my radar since I was like 10 is Switchfoot. They have covered all of the phases of my adolescent and adult life. I don’t have the space to write a complete and detailed discography of them, but if I did…I would immediately lose the 12 readers that I currently do have….Soooo I won’t be doing that. I want to hit on one song from their latest album, “Where the Light Shines Through” called “Live it Well”. It has really struck me lately that I am not putting my best foot forward. I sit on the couch or in a chair all day because it seems like whenever I do leave the house, “Life gets in the way.” Living your best life gets messy. In that song, it tells about how we have one opportunity to live and we need to make the best of it. There is a line in the song that just pulls me in…

“Awaken ALL my soul,
Every breath that you take is a miracle”

Awaken ALL my soul, because every breath that I take is a miracle. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, it is statistically a biological miracle that atoms and cells came together to form our bodies in such a way that made us capable of sustaining life. Each breath is a celebration of that moment that life began. I don’t think about that enough. That one day my miracle of a body will stop working and I will have nothing left to give. I have one shot on this planet to make the most of it. I truly need to try to awaken ALL of my soul, so I can take in the deepest and longest breath imaginable, so I can expel as much carbon dioxide as I can to pollute the atmosphere, so my Garmin can stop saying statements like “You usually aren’t this active on a Saturday..” Kind of like, “Way to go you fat slob!”. I want ALL my soul involved in that revitalization, not just some of it, because I have one life to live, and every breath that I take is a miracle.

Live it Well.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Tripp