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#78: The First Year of Educator Escape (Part 1)

On today’s and Thursday’s shows, we are taking a look back at some of the highlight episodes that we had on the podcast last year. It’s hard to believe that just last May we were releasing our first episode, and today we find ourselves releasing episode 78. In part 1 of the 2 part review, I take a look back at some of first, but more popular episodes from the podcast. Brian Burgyone, Citizen Stewart, Kristin Gallagher, Joel Krato and Kevin Haar, Colette Love Hilliard, and Kelly Gerstner, who graced episode #1, will be featured on this episode.

If you are first time listener, I hope these two episodes will give you a good taste of what the podcast is like and keep you coming back every week. If you listen all the time, I please ask that you share this episode with your friends to spread the message.

Introduction: (0:00-4:10)

#1: Kelly Gerstner: (4:10-8:46)—

#5: Kristen Gallagher: (8:46-14:22)—

#9: Joel Krato and Kevin Haar: (14:22-20:33)—

#18: Citizen Stewart: (20:33-26:17)—

#26: Brian Burgyone: (26:17-30:19)—

#14: Colette Love Hilliard: (30:19-36:23)—

Closing: (36:23-38:00)