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#59: Who’s Fault is this? (Part 1)

Today on Educator Escape, I am excited to get to talk to an award-winning teacher and education columnist from Charleston, South Carolina Jody Stallings. Jody has been teaching for 26 years as an English Teacher at Moultrie Middle School in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, as well as writing the weekly “TeachertoParent” Column for the Moultrie News

In our episode today, we talk about a recent article that has been finding its way around my circles here in Missouri about why parents need to be involved more in their student’s learning, why teachers are not the main reason behind why student achievement seems to be dropping in our schools, and why student’s need to have an investment in their own education.

Intro: (0:00-4:10)
Getting to Know Jody: (4:10-12:16)
Teaching with a Purpose: (12:16-18:49)
Who is Responsible for Learning?: (18:49-28:44)
Outro: (28:44-30:20)